Rapid Results

CrossFit Brothers are a team of brothers who pass on their skills to anyone of any age wanting to learn CrossFit. We’ve many years’ experience of hard training & studying the sport both physically, as well as working very hard at the theory. In doing so it has given us the leading edge over all those who say they teach Crossfit but are really lacking multiple insights as well as techniques.

Many people are curious about trying Crossfit, and if they really feel it is something which they would like to do the best thing to do would to come to the Gym and try it and see if it is for you, and if it is take it slowly, do two classes a week, if you like it a lot do 3 days a week, but always remember in training rest is equally as important.

CrossFit Brothers first started their training at RedSun CrossFit London, in doing so they’ve developed a well-rounded skill set that is unique, it is also different from, in the sense few instructors have the ability to teach in the way we do. It’s not bosting as many would like to think, but we teach many people who’ve had difficulties in trying to learn from other instructors, when they came to one of the CrossFit Brothers training sessions they found themselves coming back again and again, this is something which we have worked hard at. We can learn a lot just be a person’s body movement, that alone can tell us the best method of training, we’ve put this to the test time and time again and the magic is in the results.

We can pick a simple training object such as a Kettlebell, with the Kettlebell we can give you a catalogue of different training exercises which will work every part of the body, it does not mean each time you go to the gym we’ll give you the same exercises, the goal is to do a variety of different exercises and in doing so you’ll get much more from training as well as you’ll reduce getting joint and muscle injury.